How To Make A Decision Or Why You Should

If you’re asking yourself How Do I Make A Decision, Here’s Why You Should!

How To Decide or Why You Should! by Sye Rodriguez

If you’re having trouble making a decision, you’re in the right place.  I’ve had trouble with this for a long time, and something happened yesterday that motivated me to move a long with making decisions.

Decisions are difficult sometimes, but the cost of not making them can be even more difficult to deal with, than the reality of the consequences of your decision.

You’ve heard it said, not making a decision is a decision, and that has it’s own consequences.

But Why are YOU having a tough time deciding?

You obviously want your cake and to eat it too, but the tough reality is, you can’t ALWAYS do that.

The answer to your question of How To Decide, may lie in knowing Why You Should Decide, and the sooner the better.

Plain and simple, you have something to lose if you don’t decide soon.  For me, I wanted to try and work on more than 3 Youtube Channels, build several businesses, and operate more than 20 websites, ALL By Myself.

But… That’s not possible, as life has been showing me, but I continued to try anyway.

The pain lies in the fact that most of what I’ve done is LESS than GREAT because I haven’t been able to dedicate the time needed to create something Amazing, because I’m spread so thin.

Last night, I lost an affiliate account that I’d put a lot of time and energy into creating income with, because the website that I’d associated with the account had too little content on it.

This is a result of not making a decision.

In trying to do so many things, I didn’t do the most important things, so now I’m forced to decide, AND a decision has been made, that I didn’t like, against my will.

So… Going forward, I’m simplifying and this post is a starting point.  I’ve decided to make this website, and the Organic Adventure Show Youtube channel, one of the main things I want to grow.

What does this mean for you?

You’ve got to learn to let go to make a decision.  Let go of the need to CONTROL everything.  You can’t.

It’s not easy, but sitting here writing this post is better than thinking about how I’m going to write a post for several websites and Youtube channels, and it’s meaningful.  It feels good to move forward.

One  more thing…

If you’re still afraid to make a decision, I understand, but it may be helpful to remember, NOTHING is permanent.

Go do what’s the most meaningful to you.

With Love,



The Organic Adventure Show Returns

organic-adventure-showOrganic Adventure Show

It’s all about Health, Freedom, and The Internet

God is the most important thing to me; For my own sake.

Health requires God for it to be optimal. You can ask for proof, and I won’t be able to give it to you; It’s something you experience yourself.

The Organic Adventure Show

Originally I was inspired to share with you. I knew I was passionate about health, and I was excited to share. I believed I could make a living sharing with you, but I had no idea how this internet lifestyle worked.


I never liked being told what to do, and I desire to be free, very strongly. Freedom is a tough word to define, but being FREE is good, so we’ll stick to that for now.


The internet is amazing and it has been and is changing lives dramatically. Through the internet, a new playing field has been opened. Information is abundant.

Now there are information wars; Not that there weren’t before, but the information wars are more in your face with the internet.

The Organic Adventure Show:

Health, Freedom, the Internet

My wife, Csilla, she told me to call the Internet part something cooler, like Digital Media, but for me I’m not sure if that term gives the appropriate understanding.

The internet… Now that is something big.

So I’m inviting you to join me on the Organic Adventure Show, where we’ll be opening the world of Health, Freedom and the Internet UP like never before.

Join me if you DARE! : )